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With our vast resources, Joint Ventures, and collective agreements with many quality vendors, we are able to supply anything.

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KHK Logistics HSE & Quality Assurance

KHK-Logistics is committed to pursuing the highest standards of Quality, Security, Safety, Health, and Environment performance. Our goals are simply stated:
“No accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment while providing the best Service Quality”

At KHK Logistics we recognize that the protection of our employees and contractors is paramount to the success of the company. The most important asset of our company are the people.

We believe that a recognized and respected Occupational Health and Safety management system is not just a mandatory requirement, but a minimum standard vital to our long-term business growth and development. We are deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees, our clients, and our suppliers.

We recognize and embrace its responsibility to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, free from all recognized hazards, for all its employees.
To achieve our objectives, it’s essential that every member of our workforce views safety as a VALUE, instead of a priority. Further, each employee must constantly maintain his or her own personal obligation to observe and maintain safe operating procedures.

Safety is an integral part of the planning and execution of every job. It is the hallmark of efficient operations. Interesting management, a knowledgeable and responsible supervisory staff, and a conscientious, well-trained workforce, all concerned with the elimination of accidents in the overall performance of our work, will combine to make our organization safe and effective.

Our objective is to provide a safe and healthy place of work for all staff members and to meet all our duties and obligations to our clients.


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