Heavy Lifting Services

KHK Logistics.. Our services and what we bring to your project’s success.

With our vast resources, Joint Ventures, and collective agreements with many quality vendors, we are able to supply anything.

From Cranes and equipment, parts and materials, Transport units, and customs clearance to both local and international clients as well as international and local purchasing. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop from A to Z.


Forklifts, Cranes, Operators & More

  • Forklift Lifting with Operator: – Our dedicated lifting professionals are here to help you with all your forklift lifting requirements.
    • Fully Trained Registered Lifting Operatives.
    • Fully Managed Service Including Delivery and Operator
    • Over Ten Years Industry Experience with Forklift Lifting
  • Mobile Cranes with Operator: – With the most modern and versatile machinery depot in the industry, we can perform any lifting assignment. We have mobile cranes in all sizes up to 200 tons and can assist any lift from small lifts in the private market to a large, complex jobs in the industrial market.
  • Crane on Rent: We always are aware of customers’ precious time. And hence provide all kinds of cranes be it small or huge in considerably less time so that the customer should carry out his work in time without any kind fuss.
  • The customer has been provided a vast variety of cranes at us and it becomes comparatively an easy procedure to rent a crane at us to start your work in time with quality-based cranes and suppliers like us.
  • In Time Availability: We are known to our customers for our in-time service and reliability. Hence, we hold a highly experienced team that is ever supportive of each customer. We believe in maintaining friendly relations with our customers which makes us easier in understanding their requirements and meeting them up in time.
  • Expert Crane Engineers: The cranes at us are regularly being checked by our expert engineers. Before sending the crane on the project site it is thoroughly supervised and tested to avoid any kind of damage etc. So, you can remain completely doubt-free if you are hiring the crane from us.

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